Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gymnast in the making

Daddy took Ryder to the Indoor Playground in Richland. He keeps getting more active with age; one of these days a somersault will occur. In the above picture, he notices another little boy with "ball". He then got lost in the foam pit.

Soon, Ryder will understand the benefits of a bouncy castle.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The plan was to go water skiing with Alex's parents and their boat. Plan failed. Instead Ryder got to splash around on floaties all day with their dog. Again, Ryder insists on sharing anything with anyone.

While the boat moored with a dead battery, Ryder spent quality time with mommy and gramma in the Columbia. He also prefers to grab drinks, regardless of their contents.

Later in the summer

We took Ryder to Ellensburg and People's pond for the heck of it one day. While he's scowling in the picture, he actually had a decent time throwing rocks into the nearby Yakima River.

Then one day he had a play date with his friend, Mya. He always tries to share while playing. However, girls don't seem to enjoy his company ALL the time!

Ryder and us lately

Since last post, Ryder went camping twice. Here are some photos of his fun trip to Lake Phuckalia, along the Cle Elum River.

After dinner, Ryder hung out with his good friend, Stella, at the casual lounge site.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Post wedding hooplas

Ryder decided to hang with an older friend, Thor, at the reception.

So, afterward we hung out with Alex 2 at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. For some reason, Ryder had to point out every fish he saw.
Ryder then managed to pounce on the first girl he found.

Later on, Ryder had a little too much fun at the local Irish bar (note: that's toilet paper on his lone shoe).
Needless to say, he was ready for some shut eye after a huge day!

Aunty Becca's Wedding

Ryder at Yaquina Head Lighthouse for the wedding
Thinking about the right time to dance...
Yea, I grabbed the bouquet

Recently we traveled quite far to Newport, Oregon. A fun part of that trip was our stop at Breitenbush Hotsprings, east of Salem in the Cascades. Ryder had a blast in the hot springs and a late night 90's dance party. Unfortunately cameras aren't thought of too kindly in this natural eden.

The trip was for the wedding of Rachel's sister, Becca. Daddy (Alex) bonded with Ryder for most of trip as mommy was the matron of honor.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ryder's First Blog

Okay, we are giving this blog a try to bring Ryder to you in a way (since we are so far away from a lot of people.)
We don't want you to miss out on all the cute things Ryder does and all the fun we are having with him . . . so here we go . . .